Chris Tracy- Founder/Editor

After surviving the mine field that is middle school for close to a decade (teaching), I took the advice I’ve given students for years; to follow a passion.  I started my own independent auto review blog in April 2011.  While working a variety of jobs, I have come to find that I truly love cars and everything about them. I'll drive anything with four or more wheels: economy hatchbakcs, SUV's, and even the occasional supercar.  I love rally racing and I'm saving for a rally car of my very own.  I want a Lancia Stratos, but will settle for a Ford Fiesta R2.  I also contribute to Business Insider's Transportation page,, and Hooniverse.

Other than cars, my interests include Science Fiction, TV (I don’t have cable.), music that most people haven’t heard of (I’m not a hipster), and I’m a huge fan of stand-up comedy.  Sometimes my sarcasm will get in the way of the actual point that I am trying to make.  It’s like a disease and I can’t stop.  Can you be addicted to sarcasm?  Was that sarcastic? 

I live in suburban Kansas City with a wonderful woman who puts up with me starting my own auto review site, three active boys, and two canine companions.