February 3, 2013

Racing Legends Series on BBC

I love motorsport documentaries.  I love Top Gear UK, which is back with new episodes, but I really like the documentaries.  Especially the stories of how drivers got into their sports and how they dominated.

The BBC is running a series called, "Racing Legends."  They are taking someone of notoriety and pairing them with racing legends.  There are three episodes that have aired so far: Sir Patrick Stewart interviews and drives with Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Chris Hoy drives with Colin McRae's father, Jimmy McRae, and James Martin (a chef) drives with Jackie Stewart.

They're all great episodes, but I'm definitely drawn to the Colin McRae episode.  I'm really starting to figure out how to get into Rally racing and off-road racing in general.  Plus Ken Block makes a guest appearance.  Great stuff all around.  The Sir Stirling Moss episode also has a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing in it.  Each episode is about an hour long.  If you're bored and looking to fill time, this is you're answer.

Sir Stirling Moss

Colin McRae
Jackie Stewart

Hope you take the time to watch all three!