August 6, 2013

Ford is bringing CNG to a 1/2 Ton

Ford announced that they are going to be equipping half ton F-150's with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel systems.

I have some experience with CNG vehicles.  I drove a Ram 2500 Heavy Duty CNG for a week last year and liked it a lot.

Ford has a total of 8 commercial vehicles available with gaseous fuel systems.  That is the most of any major manufacturer.  

The tank will be located in the bed directly behind the cab.

The CNG fuel filler is located up on the side of the cover for the tank.  This is different than the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty which had its CNG filler located in the same door as the gasoline tank.  It was a good idea, but difficult to use on a chilly, windy day.

The cost of filling up with CNG is very affordable.  I filled both tanks of the Ram that I drove last year for $24...  Yes, that was filling both tanks.  That is a quarter of the price that I pay to fill my Denali.

Ford is equipping the 2014 F-150 with a 3.7L V6.  This engine will come with hardened valves, valve seats, pistons, and rings that will allow it to run on either natural gas or gasoline through two different fuel systems.  Ford is claiming a 750 mile range.  That range is estimated using the fuel in the 26 gallon gasoline tank and the 15.7 gallon CNG tank.  There is also a 36 gallon gasoline tank offered as an option.

I really like CNG fuel costs.  Most of the natural gas that is used in the US is produced locally.  The natural gas is cheap and better for the environment.

One of my favorite radio commercials of all time is, "Oklahoma Petroleum.  We've got gas!"  They are one of many producers of natural gas in the US.

I don't run a fleet of vehicles, but I do wish I did...  Fuel cost is always a concern and CNG is another helpful alternative.  As more CNG vehicles hit the road, then more CNG fuel stations will start appearing on the map.

Right now there is only one station in Kansas City... 

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