August 11, 2013

Edmunds Gets Their Audience

Edmunds posted on Facebook a poll asking their readers "Which car do you wish was sold in the States?" 

I clicked the link.  I'm a sucker.

Everything on the list is a hatchback, wagon, a couple of light duty pickup trucks, and a Land Rover Defender. 

It seems a little trite, but Edmunds understands that their readers are petrol head nerds.  And petrol head nerds love hatchbacks, station wagons, niche SUVs and light duty trucks.

I'm a little surprised that no one at Edmunds was able to slip a Brown diesel estate car onto the list...

The petrol heads so far have the Sirocco R in the lead, but I voted for the RS4 Avant.  Again, a little trite on my part, but I love an all-wheel drive, 450 horsepower station wagon!  Enough room for kids, dogs, luggage and a massive V8 that's good in the wet, dry, and even the snow!

Reminders me of a 470 horsepower SUV that I posted recently...

Click the link and go vote yourself!

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