April 22, 2013

2014 Maserati Quattroporte Kansas City Launch

The brand new 2014 Maserati Quattroporte made a stop in Kansas City.

The car is ginormous.  The new Quattroportes are six inches longer than the old models.  There were two of the brand new Quattroportes in the Aristocrat Motors showroom and they took up a lot of the space.  The Gran Turismo Sport and the two Gran Turismo convertibles were pushed to the edges to make room for the Quattroportes.  The cars are just that big.

From left to right: Gran Turismo Convertible, Gran Turismo Sport, and Gran Turismo Convertible.
The size of the car means that there is room.  Lots of room.  The Quattroporte will work in America.  We’re big, the roads are big, and the Quattroportes are big.  It’s the trifecta of largeness. 

There are two options for engines.  There is a twin turbo V8 that produces a large amount of horsepower; 523 to be exact.  The V8 cars will be rear wheel drive and complete 0-60 in 4.6 seconds.  That is as fast as much smaller cars from the fairly recent past.  There is also a twin turbo V6 engine that makes 404 horsepower.  The V6 car will have optional Q4, which is Maserati’s all-wheel drive system.

Both engines will come with 8 speed automatic transmissions.

The interior is plush and comfortable.  There is a Business Man’s Special that only has two seats in the back seat.  It might be called the executive edition.  I should probably read the brochure.  (insert wait time) 

It is called the 4 seat configuration.  If it’s called something else then the Internet and the Maserati brochure have failed us.

The rear seat has entertainment screens and tray table options.  The kids will be entertained and this way you can control your evil minions on the move.  “Launch the missiles!” 

The exterior of the new car is still very Maserati.  The lines around the front fenders and down the side are gorgeous.  The rear end is shapely and functional, while the front end is stately and aggressive at the same time.

It will be awhile before production models hit KC.  You can’t configure a 2014 on Maserati’s website yet.  Trust me, I tried.  When the Quattroportes do get here though, look out.  They’re big enough to reverse the rotation of the Earth, like Superman but with a mustache, arm hair, and an Italian accent.

Thank you to Aristocrat Motors for allowing me to come by and see the new Quattroportes in person. 

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