January 3, 2013

Race 2 Recovery

We all have obstacles in our lives.  Some seem large, but in actuality are quite small...  I've been struggling with some of these in my life recently.  Time and financial restrictions have been slowing what I want can do right now.  I was having a had time seeing them as small obstacles, but a group of determined, spectacular people have helped give me some perspective.

Race 2 Recovery is a non-profit charity based in the UK.  They are taking on the Dakar rally with a team of rookies drivers and navigators.

This rally is the most difficult endurance race in the world.  Historically it began as a race from Paris to the capital of Senegal.  Props if you already knew that Dakar is the capital of Senegal.  This year's race is based in South America.  It begins in Lima, Peru then heads to somewhere in Argentina, and finishes in Santiago, Chile. Basically they're racing down the spine of South America through some of the most rugged terrain in the world.

R2R is tackling the Dakar with a team of rookies, but these are some special first timers.  A majority of the team members are UK & US serviceman who have been injured; most losing limbs.  I have been following them on Facebook and on Twitter.  My favorite R2R Twitter follow is @Tom_R2R.  He's the first triple amputee to compete in the Dakar and is an all around decent dude.  It's amazing what they are doing.

These are men of action.  R2R gives them a purpose, drive, and an adrenaline rush.  I think most of them would say they're living fuller lives now.  This team makes me want to live my life better.

Thank you to all of the R2R drivers, co-drivers, and service personnel.  It's an enormous effort and I hope nothing but good things for you on this year's rally.

It all begins on January 5th!  Good luck and Godspeed!

R2R is a charity and they have a donate button on their website.  If you're in the UK or Europe you can use their site.  If you're in the US, you can donate to The Heroes Project, which is linked from Race 2 Recovery.

I included a trailer for a documentary series about R2R's preparations for Dakar that aired in the UK, the promo for this year's Dakar Rally, and the Top Gear segment of Richard Hammond driving a Wildcat, R2R's vehicle of choice.  Watch, enjoy, and just be in awe of the human spirit at work/play.

Disclaimer:  I posted this myself.  No one asked me to do this.  I believe in this.  

Race 2 Recovery Documentary Series Trailer:

2013 Dakar Rally Promo:
I forgot to mention Unimog's.  The flat-faced trucks that sit three across and look like Transformers erupting out of the desert!  Those are cool too.  Don't forgot the 8x8 Service Vehicles which will be following the racers.

This is the only decent looking and sounding Bowler Wildcat video I could find.  Driving one is on my Bucket List...

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