December 7, 2012

10 Segments in 10 Days: The Supercar

Supercar: Audi R8 V10 Spyder

Base Price: $127,700
As Driven: $175,000
Engine: 5.2L V10, 525hp
Transmission: 6 Speed Automated Manual
MPG Rating: 13 city/19 hwy

                There has to be a supercar on the list.  Mainly because it means I have an excuse to go drive a supercar.  Audi R8 has been a stalwart of the supercar segment.  It is one of the more reliable supercars, which isn’t a normal supercar behavior.  Supercars are supposed to be finicky and feel like they’re ready to kill you at any second. 

The R8 is comfortable.  My back felt fine when I got out and I had room for my entire 6’4” frame.  The Quattro all-wheel drive helps the R8 to stick in any corner.  The handling mixed with the solid feel of the whole car makes the R8 very comfortable and relaxing; as relaxing as a V10, 525 horsepower car can be.  The Germans really have put a lot of R&D into the power plant and performance.  The breeze between 70mph to 100mph is allegedly intense.  I had perfect weather for my afternoon with the R8 Spyder. 

                If you’re buying a supercar, you’re probably buying it to scare the pants off yourself and whatever lady friend is in the passenger seat.  The R8 is a great car for people who are not used to driving this much power.  I love that you could use this as your daily driver.  It isn’t my favorite car to make me defecate in my pants, but it is my favorite supercar to drive a lot.  Any Shelby Cobra could help with the pants defecation.

                Thank you to LMC Truck ( for letting me waste a bunch of premium gas in their R8.


                Thank you for making your way through my whole list.  Let the discussion begin!  Let me hear from you and tell me where you disagree or agree.  That’s what a comment section is for! 

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