December 5, 2012

10 Segments in 10 Days: Coupe

Coupe: Scion FR-S

Base Price: $24,200
As Driven: $25,700, only radio and destination are up charge.
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder Boxer engine, 200hp
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
MPG Rating: 22 city/30 hwy

                For what you get, the Scion FR-S is the best priced car on this list.

There is always an argument with petrol heads of driving fast cars slow or slow cars fast.  The FR-S isn’t fast, but it is a blast to drive.  This car has lived up to the hype. 

Born out of a partnership of Toyota and Subaru, the FR-S makes drivers feel aggressive and comfortable at the wheel.  They’ve combined Subaru’s four cylinder Boxer engine with the knowledge that Toyota has of rear wheel drive coupes.  If you’re looking for straight line speed, go get a Mustang GT.  If you’re looking for something that will corner, make you laugh like a child, and thrill you; grab an FR-S. 

                The overall impression of the FR-S is a car that anyone can drive hard.  I drive lots of different vehicles, some older, most newer and the FR-S is one of the most fun for the price.  This car has the shortest “get to know you” time.  It felt right the moment I got in.  I was quickly whipping the FR-S through city traffic and searching for the nearest back road.  This car is a blast.  It isn’t fast, but it can move well in traffic.  If you wait a couple more years, there’s bound to be a turbo version.

                Thank you to Molle Toyota ( for allowing me to drive the FR-S when it had only been on their lot for a couple days.

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