November 12, 2012

Ford to unviel "All-New" Vehicle on Tuesday

The press release says "people mover," so I'm not overly excited. Then again, aren't all cars technically people movers...

The big reveal will take place tomorrow at 10:30am. I'm assuming that's EST, but you know what you get when you assume...  The web address to see Ford unveil a new vehicle is

Maybe it's the new Fusion Wagon that Europe is getting.  Why do I have an infatuation with station wagons?!?!  It'd be even cooler if it had a diesel.  A diesel Fusion Wagon in America; never gonna happen.

"It’s a new multi-purpose vehicle for people with multifaceted lives." Hau Thai-Tang, Vice President, Engineering, Global Product Development will be doing the honors. 

It's probably going to be underwhelming, but I'm secretly hoping for the Fusion Wagon!
The Mondeo Estate, which is the European version of the Fusion Wagon.

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