November 28, 2012

10 Segments in 10 Days!

I had my heart broken recently.  A website that I was going to write an Auto section for had to close their virtual and physical doors.  I was very excited for the opportunity to work with some passionate people and some amazing cars.  Shane, if you read this, I'm so sorry, man!  I wish you guys the best and know that you'll be back.

But I can't let that work go to waste.  I've got to get my thoughts and opinions out into the world, where the Internet can hate on them...  So here goes.

I picked my 10 favorite cars/trucks/hybrids over 10 different segments.  I'm going to present them to you now.  One-a-day for the next ten days.  Very boring exciting!

First up is...

Economy Car: Ford Fiesta
I prefer the hatchback because of the quick Rally modification kits, but the sedan looks good too.
Base Price: $14,100
As Driven: $19,255
Engine: 1.6L 4-cylinder, 120hp
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
MPG Rating: 29 city/39 hwy

                I’m infatuated with small cars, so I love the Ford Fiesta. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m big and they’re little or maybe it’s the practicality of a hatchback. Whatever it is, I really like cheap, small hatches.  The Fiesta is at the top of my list for economy cars.  Ford’s kinetic design makes the Fiesta look like it’s moving even when it’s stationary.  The car has a sharp, angular look that makes me want to drive it fast.  
The 2013 models add a more Focus-like front end that Ford paid for while they owned Aston Martin.  There is also a 1.0L 3-cylinder EcoBoost (turbo-charged) engine that could break the 50 mpg mark and make 123hp.  That’s 11 more mpg on the highway and three more horsepower under the hood.  All by losing a cylinder and adding a turbo.  
                The Fiesta looks like it would be a blast on damp pavement with a liberal dose of handbrake.  The Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire uses Fiestas to teach car control.  It’s pricey to attend, but when you think about totaling a Fiesta in the woods and walking away without a bill, it’s worth every penny.  I'm actively saving my pennies & nickels, the ocassional quarter to attend in the near future!  If you're feeling generous, I know a guy...

Oversteer, flying dirt, bright green car; it's like a Ken Block video!

The Fiesta isn’t the cheapest in the segment, but the higher price comes with a nicer interior that works well for medium length road trips.  Quick, light, agile, and economical all add up to a great little car.  I WANT a Fiesta R2 to rally if anyone is looking to invest in a rally team.
Thank you to Olathe Ford ( for letting me borrow a Fiesta which I then drove across country, literally.  That last sentence isn’t true, but I wish it was.  The thank you is sincere, though.

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