July 1, 2012

Go Further with Ford- Focus Electric

Part of our Track Day with Ford included the Focus Electric.  The Electric is a 2013 model, but shares a lot of looks and features with the 2012 Focus models.

I first saw a Focus Electric back in September 2011 at a green event.  It was a preproduction vehicle, but it looked like a Focus with an electric motor where the engine was supposed to be. 

I love the front end of the Focus.  It looks racy, angry, and aggressive.  The Electric has the same aggressive front end.  The wheels of the Electric make it look more tranquil and conservative. The rest of the Electric is as functional as the regular Focuses (or is it Foci...).

The Focus Electric has a range of 100 miles.  The main down side to any EV is the range.  One hundred miles is quite a ways to go on one charge.  I think I could make it through one of my busier work days with a Focus Electric, but it would be close. 

I drive 14.4 miles to my primary job, another 24.2 miles to the second job, and finish with a sprint of 34.7 miles of mostly highway driving.  For those who struggle with Math, that's a total of 73.3 miles.  If Ford's listening and I know you are, I'd love to try and prove that an EV in functional in Kansas City.  It might cause some intense range anxiety and possible irritable bowel syndrome, but I think a 17 mile cushion is enough to get through the day.

Here's the video of Carmen, Seth, and myself rolling around the test track at Ford.  The electric motor did a great job of powering us through the straights, the corners, and the whoops.

The base price for a Focus Electric is just shy of 40 grand.  You would have to be a major proponent of the environment or just be wealthy to drop that on a limited range vehicle.  That is a problem that I would like to have in the future... 

Thank you, Ford, for providing me with this opportunity and allowing me to meet so many other awesome people on the Internet!  

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