June 8, 2012

Slow Cars Fast or Fast Cars Slow?

The Drive Network has consumed a lot of my time lately.  Big Muscle, Chris Harris on Cars, Road Testament, and Tuned all are great car shows.  Topics range from American muscle cars to European super cars to the most insane tuner cars.  Don't let me forget DrivenJF has toured Lamborghini, McLaren, Pangani, and Koenigsegg.  Great stuff all around.

Here's an episode of Road Testament with Mike and Leo discussing the age old question of is it better to drive slow cars fast or fast cars slow?

I experienced this question today.  I was in a relatively quick car, but it really wasn't that fast.  It was kind of slow, but I was having as much fun as a spoiled toddler at Chuck E Cheese.  It was fantastic.

Enjoy, Road Testament.  I really do like a lot of the Drive shows.  Anybody need another writer?

1 comment:

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