June 30, 2012

Go Further with Ford- 13 Mustang GT

Disclaimer- Ford paid for me & 256 other people from the Internet to fly to Dearborn, fed us food, poured drinks down our throats, and forced us to shred their rubber.  I didn’t hurt any tires, but I tried.

The 2013 Mustang looks great.  They’ve altered the taillights and some accents around the headlamps.  I am going to drive a Mustang GT for a full review soon.  I drove two in Dearborn for a total of 2 minutes.  The laps were quick and the transmission never found third gear, let alone top gear.   The course wasn't long enough, but I did find out that 2nd gear really pulls.

During the first lap I had a co-driver, Seth Leitman of Build Your Own Electric VehicleWe had a blast and it was over too soon.  The Mustang GT really handles well on Ford’s autocross course.

The second lap in a Green Mustang GT was slower.  The car was fantastic.  I sucked at shifting.

I will drive a GT much longer. 

Thank you to Ford for inviting me and making this a memorable trip.  Not only did I drive cool cars, but I met lots of amazing folks.  Just wait for the Focus Electric video…

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