June 30, 2012

Chris Harris & Bowler EXR-S

If I actually made money on this site, I would feel bad about reposting Chris Harris' and the Drive Network's shows.  I don't make any money, so this is just free advertising for them then.

I had a 2004 Jeep Wrangler or TJ if you speak Jeep.  It had six cylinders and a 5 speed manual transmission.  I loved wrenching on it.  I'm a horrible gear head, so I started small by adding skid plates to the fuel tank and steering box.

I added a CB antenna mount to the spare tire with a spring loaded aerial.  Plus I mounted the actual CB next to the sub woofer in the center console.  Enough of my pseudo-wrenching.

The love of Jeeps lead me to fall in love with the Bowler Wildcat when I first saw in on Top Gear.  The Bowlers are based off of Land Rovers and they're mental: tons of horsepower, 50/50 split 4WD, and an updated chassis.

The Wildcat name has been retired, but there's a new one.  It's called the Bowler EXR-S.

The new Bowler was one of the cars that I was looking forward to seeing in person when I attended Top Gear Live.  Derek Bell had a bit of a crash the day before I got there though...  He was okay, but the EXR-S was wrecked.  He drove a Fiat 500 Abarth instead for my shows.

With Top Gear UK for the rest of 2012, at least Chris Harris will be able to satiate my need for British bonkers car reviews.  They just sound smarter.

Here's his review of the Bowler EXR-S on and off road.  Can we import these to the U.S.?  It's only $100,000ish...

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