May 18, 2012

The Smoking Tire Podcast

I spend a lot of time in the car and also work three extra jobs that don’t require my mind to be with me physically.  All of that extra time allows me to listen to podcasts.   One of my favorite podcasts is The Smoking Tire (TST). 

                This is a group podcast, which takes a little time to identify the voices, but the easiest to figure out is Matt Farah, who you should know from The Smoking Tire website and the Drive show, Tuned, on YouTube.  Matt also was one of the only decent parts of the failed The Car Show on Speed.  Joining Matt is all of the guys who help him make kick ass car films. 
Zach Klapman, who does a lot of the writing for The Smoking Tire website and genuinely makes me laugh out loud five times a show, is a regular.  Zach is angry (Angry Man is listed in his job titles on their website.) and also is the one who dissects any complaints or hate mail for spelling and grammatical errors, which is absolutely hilarious.  Zach also references the Nerdist podcast and other nerdy things, which makes me think, we’d get along, if I wasn’t creepily writing about all of these guys on the Internet… *le sigh*
                Thaddeus Brown is a camera operator and “Evil Genius” for TST.  The “Evil Genius” stems from the fact that he’s an “idea man” whose ideas are the sorts that require massive amounts of money, time, planning, & cajones.  Turns out most of Thad’s ideas would be amazing to see on film, but require the budget of a blockbuster summer movie to be able to pull them off…
                Chris Hayes is the audio guy that makes sure that almost everyone is audible.  Chris built the Internet for Al Gore.  Chris also has interesting auto stories and without him we’d never hear any of this, since he might be the only one to check the levels.
                Nino Cutraro is a new addition to the TST crew.  He helps shoot and edit Big Muscle on the Drive network with Mike Musto.  Crazy loud muscle cars!  Nino introduced a dog to podcast, Farrah’s two cats, and house that most of these guys share.  Nino has some good one-liners, but hasn’t been mic’ed for a lot of the episodes.
                Every group has one and Tom Morningstar is the TST’s resident crazy person.  Tom has been known to stand in the back of a GT500 at 150mph while filming the car behind them.  Tom edits all of the TST videos and whole lot of other stuff.  He helped shoot the 911 Hot & Cold weather test videos.  Tom is always 1st into the back of Farrah’s Ford Raptor for any shoot.  Tom’s also been punched in the eye by a guy, but still doesn’t remember why, which is why he hasn’t been mic’ed for a lot of the episodes as well.

Frequent guests to the podcast include comedian, Micah “Bam-Bamm” White and Jeff Glucker from Hooniverse.

Guest appearances have been made by Alex Roy, who wrote The Driver, hosts Live and Let Drive on Drive, and set the record for NY to LA at 31 hours and 4 minutes; Dan Neil, auto columnist of the Wall Street Journal, who was also one of the only decent parts of The Car Show; Andrew Comrie-Picard, who writes for Top Gear USA and drives for Scion Rally; probably five other guys who I can’t remember and some random girls.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon at the North American International Auto Show '12
The humor at times is not suitable for the younger ones and the podcast is labeled with an explicit tag, which the guys always earn in the first five to ten seconds.  They are not trying to hide anything and that’s one of the great things about this genuine and authentic podcast about cars.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I really need to get my hands on a CTS-V wagon.  Cadillac, I know you’re not listening, but please send me one!  Hell, all eight of you, who read this, please pass it on to the Cadillac representatives when you run into them. 

I would get in so much trouble in this car!  It gets 9 mpg and does 180 mph!

P.S. If all the links get annoying, I'm sorry.  I was just trying to give everyone a little background knowledge, so that way when they ask if you have any evidence, you can say, "I have a lot of evidence!"

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