April 29, 2012

Snake in Audi Q7

   You didn't read the title of this post wrong.  Yesterday while helping my 84-year-old grandmother move off her 8 acres to a more manageable place we found a King snake under the hood of the Q7. 

   Being irresponsible, we had allowed the battery on the Honda Pilot to go dead.  We popped the hood of the Q7, our first mistake since the battery is located in the back of this Audi, to attach jumper cables.  The engine was already running on the Q7, so there was some movement in the engine bay, but I noticed that there was a little too much movement.
I borrowed this picture.  Please don't sue me, contractcarsuk.wordpress.com!
   I should clarify that I think snakes are the Devil.  Not in that "ha ha" he made a Biblical joke way, but in the "they don't have legs and still move" way.  If you are a snake person, that's awesome.  I'm not.

   The King snake was sitting on the left side of the engine bay and was uncoiling deeper.  I half-shouted the words, "That's a snake" in a strained voice.  My uncle has no fear of snakes, grabbed it by the tail and started pulling it out.  The snake was stubborn and even after we turned off the engine didn't want to come out. After one of the strangest tug-of-wars I've ever seen, the snake came free.

   It was understandable why the snake picked the engine bay.  The engine was warm, the snake was cold blooded, and I hate snakes; The perfect combination for me to not think about taking pictures for the Internet.

   The only thing I wonder about is why the German car.  There was a Nissan Altima, a Toyota Tundra with a supercharger, a GMC Yukon XL Denali, and a Honda Pilot, but it picked the Q7.  Probably for some logical reason like the Q7 was the warmest and snakes sense heat...  

Here's a picture that I borrowed from Wikipedia...

   No snakes were harmed in the making of this post.  I should also say that I didn't check on the snake after it slithered off.  It could have been mauled by a mongoose later that day and was still in its relaxed spa-state from the warm engine bay, so it didn't see the mongoose coming.  Who could blame him?  A mongoose in the Midwest?  That's ludicrous.  Maybe the Bloggess will have a Mongoose I could borrow?  She likes taxidermy.

P.S. Let me know your creepiest snake stories and I'll update them here.  Add a comment or shoot me an email.

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