March 7, 2012

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Launch

Ferrari's are not on the list of every day vehicles that most of us will have an opportunity to drive.  Which makes this post a version of car porn.  It is safe for work, but I suggest waiting till no one is around so you can really turn it up.  The style they shot this launch video made me feel like Russell Crowe was about to leap out from behind a tree in full Gladiator "battle-rattle."  I believe the word is EPIC.

The F12 Berlinetta has an absurd name; a letter, numbers, and then a whole word.  It looks fantastic though.  Sweeping lines down the sides, the slight impression of a Nike Swoosh on the doors, and it all ends what looks to be the car version of a thong on the back.  There is also an F1-style brake light to let everyone in America know that, "Yes, I am pretentious and NASCAR is for Rednecks." 

The power plant is a V12 that turns out 730 horsepower and makes the F12 the fastest production Ferrari ever.  V12 engines are probably headed out because of all the carbon and fuel restrictions placed on manufacturers, but if this is the V12's dying gasp; it is so worth it!

The steering wheel looks like it still has way too many gadgets on the wheel.  It would not destroy Ferrari's reputation to put more buttons on the dash or those levers that we all use to indicate which direction we are going to turn.

Enjoy!  Be sure to turn up the volume because Ferrari understands that the engine note is important on an introduction video and there's a lot of engine noise.

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