March 29, 2012

Erich Merkle Interview

Erich Merkle
I sat down with Ford Industry Analyst, Erich Merkle, at the Greater Kansas City International Auto Show.  I love asking car people about their 1st cars and what their favorites are now.  Erich is a car enthusiast through and through.  We had a short conversation (only 20 minutes) about Ford's forecast for Kansas City, Electric Vehicles, and we talked a lot about Mustangs.  Please enjoy the sultry sounds of our voices!  Well, at least his sounds good.  Mine sounds like I have allergies and I'm underwater...

P.S. Let me know if you enjoyed listening to this.  Podcasting has been sitting in the back of my head since London (I wanted to interview TGL and Top Gear UK executive producer Rowland French, but ran out of time), but I'm not sure I'm ready to let it out.  Talking to every one without proofing my words in scary.  You guys might actually get to know the "true" me...  Could be scary.  Probably not.

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