February 26, 2012

2013 Ford Mustang Commercial

Ford released this ad for the new Mustangs this week on YouTube.  I still enjoy that YouTube is such a big deal that major corporations release advertising there first. I also enjoy that YouTube is in my spell check.  Thank you, Google.

Boss 302 at NAIAS 2012!
My favorite part of the commercial is the Hippie courier's version of the 2013 Mustang being a Boss 302.  I'm still trying to get a hold of a Boss to really see if it's better than a BMW M3. The hard part is that gear heads keep buying them faster than the cars can get to the dealers.  That's a good problem for Ford.  I do have a video of the Shelby GT500 coming soon which you won't want to miss.  That car sounds absolutely great!  This commercial ends with the new GT500.  I also enjoyed Ford adding the pink flash, before the ballerina's Mustang gets dark and angry.  The new taillights look like rocket engines similar to the taillights on the Lexus LF-LC.  Great commercial, great car, and it's always fun to see Tony Gonzalez Chris Gonzalez on TV.  He's still a Chief in my eyes...


  1. That's not Tony. That is big brother, Chris.

  2. that is correct. This is Chris Gonzalez!!

  3. who is the model in the beginning. she is beautiful.

  4. I agree. I love her haircut and have been searching for her picture so I can show my stylist.