January 15, 2012

Booth Models of NAIAS '12

There are more than just cars and trucks at the auto shows of Earth.  Not sure how they do it on Mars, but down here there are cars and "Booth Babes" at most of the manufacturers' displays.  Subaru dressed everyone men and women very conservatively this year.  Volkswagen brought some hip hop dancers that they might have stolen off the set of Step Up 4: Get me a Ladder!  I'm still trying to scratch John Lovitz  from my retinas.  Thank you, Mercedes/Smart...

Here are some pictures of the ladies this year.  It's like playing a very easy version of Where's Waldo, but Waldo is 1000x more attractive.

It's hard to be worth $200,000 and be the second most attractive thing in a picture.
Can you find the pervert in the background?

I love the black rims on this Ram.  Half of you haven't realized there's a truck in this picture yet.

I got nothing...  Still not sure why they have leather-motorcycle sleeves...

I think her name is Heidi.  She had a male twin dressed identically, which was awkward when I didn't take his picture.

These ladies were preparing for a quest to Mordor with their elven cloaks...

She's blinking because the glare off my glasses blinded her. Nerd alert!

The shrouds hides the Lincoln MKZ concept, but my attention was drawn else where.
Cadillac was going for more "Sexy Lawyer" than Booth Babe.

Audi understands the impact of the little black dress and Quattro.

The most educated about her brand.  She was explaining Abarth to any one who looked her way!

If I had found the Audi display earlier, I never would have left.
I'll have more NAIAS coverage up soon, but couldn't resist getting these ladies up.  Thank you for stopping by!  Check out Business Insider for more coverage of Detroit & LA Auto Show Ladies, plus more car news.

P.S. The best part of these pictures is watching all the uber-nerds, that are too nervous to ask the ladies for pictures, leeching off others who did ask.  It was awesome.

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  1. I'll take everything I see in that last photo. #truecock