November 10, 2011

Destination: London

We did it!  The donations and the items I sold on Craigslist, but mainly the donations, have helped to reach our budget for this trip. 

We raised enough money for a plane ticket, a single room by myself (too old for a hostel), some food, the passport renewal, and a GoPro HD Hero 2.  There is a video as soon as you load the site that is all footage from a Hero 2.  This little camera will be a huge help with our video reviews and should help us get some really great shots. 

Thank you to everyone for helping me with this opportunity.  I didn't know how many of you read this or thought it would be fun to throw money at me.  Some of you literally...  Thank you, again.

I truly appreciate it! 

I am going to try and upload pictures and videos on a daily basis over there, but we'll see how that goes.  Thank you, again!!!

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