October 6, 2011

Ryan's Bio

Please welcome our new staff writer, Ryan Kiefer.  He uses big words, so hang on, I'm still not sure what he's on about...

Whether he's building a metaphor that will make you want to both slap and hug him, trying to find the apex of a roundabout*, or snapping high-resolution close-up photos of a black car he didn't bother to wash first, Ryan Kiefer is always thinking, dreaming, loving all things automotive. While the self-aggrandizing buff book "editors" read the press release, pre-form an opinion, and drive the car around the block before phoning in a review, Ryan completely ignores press releases and seeks to strike at the heart of what makes each car noteworthy. He might occasionally throw a specification at you, but only when he's geeking out about it.

He lives in Roeland Park, Kansas, with his beautiful and brilliant ginger wife, three chilluns (all above average, but just one of them ginger), and a spastic and blightedly unintelligent ginger cat, drives a street-converted Raleigh mountain bike** (who's more eco-friendly now, Prius!?), and by day is an owner's manual scribe for a large technology company you've probably heard of, but the name of which he refuses to mention because it's irrelevant to what he writes here.

*If you're driving through it properly***, a roundabout shouldn't have an apex.
**But there's a Japanese-branded minivan in the family stable. Don't judge him.

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