October 28, 2011

Reverse Colonization

I'm going to try and make it across the pond!  Since we don't have a budget at Every Man's I'm asking for some help.  Please do not feel obligated because this site is here to inform and entertain, not to bleed your wallet. 

Backstory:  I always assume no one actually reads this stuff, I applied for a press credential to Top Gear Live in London.  Turns out the P.R. firm in charge thinks the site looks legitimate and has granted a pass to the  shows on November 26th & 27th.  Here's a link of Jeremy Clarkson and James May discussing Top Gear Live.  They of course go on to talk about everything else Top Gear, but they are not known for their silence.

Our goal is $2,000!  15% of that has already come in from one donor!  If you donate you are helping offset the cost of airfare, passport, accommodations, and a little food.  I can stand to lose a couple pounds over four days... 

Thank you again for all your support!

Edited- I've now got a number of items on Craigslist, so don't think that I'm not trying to help too.  We're definitely trying to make this happen!

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