October 13, 2011

Cool Seats

The seats stay in place, even during aggressive driving.
During the Ford Ecoboost Challenge, I was driving the F-150 around with all four windows up and no A/C during 95 degree days.  By not using the air conditioning the truck was able to achieve some impressive mpg numbers, but I suffered for it. 

After seeing me on an interview for a local news station, a concern citizen loaned me some Cool Seats by HTFx to help offset the heat.  These two pads were lifesavers.  Cool Seats contain an chemical that keeps the seats at a comfortable 80 degrees.  80 doesn't sound very cool, but when placed next to your 98.6 degree backside and surrounded by a 100 degree truck interior, the pads become your own personal sancutary.  I was able to use two pads during the Ecoboost Challenge.  In fact, I still have them.  I really need to return them, but I'm busy and they are an interesting conversation icebreaker. 
The seats recharging in my kitchen.

"So I have this pad that keeps my butt cool..."

The seats were originally designed for the military and in fact are gaining in their use.  Not only does the military use them to keep soldiers' rears comfortable, they are fashioning vests to help keep core temperatures down in the desert environments.  Military firefighters have been wearing them for years to keep their core temperatures lower and allow them to fight blazes longer, over 22% longer (Their statistic). 

The application that is exciting car enthusiasts is with classic automobiles.  A/C was not an option on many of the classic cars.  The seats come in extremely handy while traveling during the summer months.  The pads stay relatively cool up to 8 hours and can be recharged by just taking them into your air conditioned hotel room each night.

When I would drive into the day job, I'd just take the seats inside with me and then bring them back outside when it was time to go home.  If you've got an old school ride and are tired of getting over-heated, these might be the perfect after market addition.

If you are interested in the Cool Seats, the nice folks at Ray Boyles' Corvette Village are the ones who graciously loaned me my set of Cool Seats.  Their number is 913-362-4888.

There is an Open House on October 29th at Corvette Village, where there will be lots of Vettes.  Hopefully the owners bring rags to clean the copious amounts of drooling...

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