September 10, 2011

"Love the Beast"

Drive comes out this month and we are really excited for it's arrival.  We are always looking for TV and car movies that don't have "Fast" or "Furious" in the title.  Eric Bana's Love the Beast was suggested on Netflix and it did not disappoint.  Turns out Bana's a huge car nut.  He's a fan of motor racing and cars in general, but he has a special relationship with his '74 Ford Falcon XB coupe.  Bana has owned the Falcon since he was a teenager and has continued the relationship to the present.  Jay Leno, Jeremy Calrkson, and Dr. Phil (I can't make this stuff up, people.) all add their two cents about cars, passion, and being in the "zone."  It was an interesting look into another gear-head's passion and what drives him.  The documentary introduces you to Bana's family, friends, and how cars have come to be Eric's passion. 

If this alone doesn't sell you on our recommendation, almost everyone in the movie (except Dr. Phil & Leno) speaks with an accent; either Aussie or English (in Clarkson's case).  After a while, the Aussie version of "car" starts to sound like someone from Boston.  Weird, huh? 

Give it a look.  If you enjoy it, cool, if not make sure to let us know your alive and let us know what horrible taste we have.


P.S. Mr. Bana, please don't sue us, but we got the pictures off the Internet...

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