August 25, 2011

Quick Ecoboost Thoughts

Okay, most of the way through the Ecoboost F-150 Challenge. Here's some quick thoughts:

1. The thing that hits me first every time I'm in the truck is how easy it rolls.  The 422 ft.-lbs. of torque is all there at 2,500rpm's.  I  haven't seen the tachometer over 2,000rpm's since last Sunday. 

2. The interior is spacious.  That might be an understatement.  The 3 year old was upset that he couldn't rest his feet on the back of my seat.  Needless to say, I loved it!

3. There is an enormous amount of power, but the truck itself doesn't weigh very much.  When you close the doors, the panels shake a little.  This means they eliminated some extra weight, but haven't compromised safety.

4.  The odometer numbers roll over the top.  I know, it has nothing to do with how the car drives, but I love it.  Digital numbers rolling over the top like old-school odometers!  It's fantastic!

A much more detailed review is coming.  I am struggling to find free time to write...  I wish I had a leprechaun to help out with some of the easy stuff like laundry and washing baby bottles...

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