June 9, 2011

What causes rage?

If this is your car, you suck...
We've decided to start exposing Prius drivers who pilot their vehicles poorly.  This one cut us off while we were traveling 70mph and it was doing only 57mph...  Notice which lane we're in!  That's not England, which makes us in the fast lane, not the 55mph to save the G.D. environment lane!  Do you know how much brakes cost?  Seriously, a Prius specific push bar is starting to look more appealing every day.  Bad drivers, please stop buying these boxes on wheels, so we can direct our ire at other vehicles.  Eventually we will quit caring about our insurance rates and will just start hitting them.  If you see a beige Denali with paint scraps all over the front end and you're in a Prius; run...  Doesn't matter, we'll still catch you!  MUHAHAHAHAHHA!  Maybe the evil laugh was too much?  Whatever.

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