May 18, 2011

Prince William's New Secret

Who's hotter, the Aston or Kate?
It's no longer a secret.  Prince William doesn't have his driver's license.  If he had, their Royal Wedding Get-away car would have looked just a little better.  It is pretty hard to make that car look much better though.  The car is an Aston Martin DB6 Volante.  The car was a gift from the Queen to Prince Charles on his 21st birthday and was included in Charles' latest round of green initiatives and has been converted to run on bio-diesel.  Not just any bio-diesel, but fuel made from the grape left-overs from making Royal Wine.  The Aston only gets about 8 mpgs.

The giant "L" is not there to represent the love of William and Kate, but to indicate that the driver only holds a learner's permit.  The guy has piloted expensive helicopters for the RAF, but can't get a license in time for his Royal Wedding.  How long is the line at the DMV when even a prince can't make it to the front of it?  Oh, well...  The car still looked amazing and the good news was that the bride looked even better (not always the case)!

P.S. We get that Prince Harry is the most likely culprit and that William does in fact have his driver's license, but we kind of wish it was the other way around though...

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