May 13, 2011

BMW 550i GT

Insert "Junk in Trunk" joke here!
BMW, like Honda, has made a bad decision.  The 550i GT was developed for the Chinese market and BMW saw fit to send the same models here to the States.  The 550i GT is adequate at its designed use.  The primary function is to take four full-sized adults or a family on lengthy car trips with a trunk load of suitcases.  This car and others like it (Honda Accord Crosstour) are not designed to win any fashion awards.  We get the purpose; we still don't like them.  If it saves us from a mini-van, then the 550i GT would be a welcome addition to our car family.  We would only drive it under protest, be the alternative mini-van is way worse. 
The roof line is a solid 7 inches tall than a 6-series!
The good news is that most Americans feel the same way, with very few 550i GT's being sold in the States.  The bad news is that they are compromising in the mini-vans instead...  Have a back-bone fellas!  If you are interested though, BMW would probably listen to any haggling over the price of a 550i GT.  In fact there were two on the lot where these pictures were taken and both had "Sale" tags hanging from the rear view mirrors.  One was listed already for $5,000 off. 
Cruising in a 550i GT is not on our Bucket List...

If you really start looking for a mini-van, just don't tell us.  We will mock you.

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