April 26, 2011

Audi S4

So after our Camaro drive we swung past the Audi dealership.  They happened to have a 2008 S4 on the lot for only $45,000 and change.  We, at Every Man’s, are basically kids at heart, so we just had to see for ourselves.

“Holy Crap,” is the most family-friendly version of what was said inside the S4.  The Camaro was fun to drive, but the S4 was out of this world.  I purposely tried to force the S4 into a tire squealing turn again and again (within the legal limits), and couldn’t hear a peep from the tires.  With 18,000 miles on it, the S4 was a total dream.


                The S4 looks like a true sports car and the rumble of the 4.2L V8 is a German Symphony (Flight of the Valkyries should come preinstalled).  While the Camaro sounded gruff and angry, the S4 sounded like a precision tuned machine designed for lightning quick havoc!  The curves are aesthetically pleasing and modern still at 4 years old.  This car is very much a testament to “less is more.”

2008 Audi S4 Interior View
                Where the Camaro lacked visibility, the Audi was open and airy.  I never hit my head on the roof and drove over the culprits that caused the nuisance in the Camaro and hit nothing.  The S4 was roomy in the front, while there are very few humans capable of sitting comfortably behind me.  The blind spot catastrophe of the Camaro was a non-issue in the S4.  One great feature is the sunroof control.  Just like in Volkswagens, the sunroof is controlled with a turn dial.  If you only want the roof to open halfway, turn the knob halfway and it responds accordingly.  No longer are you sitting in the vehicle waiting for the roof to close. Turn the knob and walk away.  Just a small feature, but one that I loved.  I know, I’m quirky…

                The 340hp 4.2L V8 hurls the chassis around any corner.  In a straight line, my heart leapt into my throat, I was that shocked with its speed.  The clutch and transmission were smooth.  The 0-60 test completely surprised us. The time is listed from Audi at 5.3 seconds, but it felt so much faster than that.  The pure acceleration was thrill inducing and almost caused me to wet myself.  Sixth gear still held power to accelerate and pass on the highway whenever I wanted and downshifting to fifth was a blast to shoot passed the slow lane.  The Audi gets 13city/20hwy, but it was so much fun to drive. 

                If you ever get a chance to drive a 6-speed manual S4, DO IT!!!  It is by far one of the greatest cars that I have ever driven.  Every corner caused another squeal of glee to escape.  If this feels like a short review, it’s probably because we gave up writing to go drive the S4 some more!  I actually talked to myself in the car just like Jeremy of BBC’s Top Gear.  To the S4!  Wheeeeee! 

Thank you, Molle Audi!

We also drove a 2011 S4 with Double Clutch paddle shifters and a turbo charged V6.  We were underwhelmed with the paddle shifters and the delay in the auto transmission.  We have been assured that we were just driving it wrong and are going to be given another shot in a 2010 S5 cabriolet, also with paddle shifters.  We promise, you will be the first to know if it’s us or the floppy paddle shifters that are flawed.

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